Bestow Mourning Halla is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Complete The Knights' Tomb quest and give the account of the Red Crossing to the Dalish.

Operation text Edit


In light of the information you gave us regarding the truth of the events at Red Crossing, we would like to offer a sign of mourning to the village. Since both sides played a part in this tragedy, honoring the village with one of our halla seems appropriate. If it could be kept there, it might remind both sides of the fragile beauty of things that journey to places where they are strangers.

I understand that the villagers of Red Crossing do not trust the Dalish, given our history. If you could convince them to accept this tribute in good faith, it would be greatly appreciated.

Keeper Hawen

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 01:00:00 Edit

I can twist the noble who controls Red Crossing into accepting this, but it will end two marriages and lead to at least one duel.

Leliana - 00:45:00 Edit

With the right rumors, the villagers in Red Crossing will think they are being granted custody of a capture trophy to honor their victory over the Dalish.

Cullen - 01:00:00 Edit

If it's this important, we can march the blasted halla in with some troops to guard it.

Results Edit

Josephine / Cullen Edit


Thank you for convincing the villagers of Red Crossing to acquiesce. I understand that they were reluctant, but perhaps this sign of shared mourning will lead to new healing and growth.

Please accept these gifts. May they aid your inquisition in its quest.

Keeper Hawen

Leliana Edit

Sister Leliana,

Everything went according to plan. The halla was brought in under banners, and the villagers of Red Crossing believe they have been given the honor of keeping hostage a halla that is sacred to the Dalish because of their proud history. The Dalish have no idea that their gift of mourning is being taken as a trophy won in victory, but if it cools tempers on both sides, so much the better. Both Red Crossing and the Dalish have been most grateful.


Rewards Edit

All advisors Edit

  • Rashvine icon Rashvine (10), (or)
  • Chromatic Greatsword Icon Chromatic Greatsword - Trespasser required
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