Berwick is an elf who can be found loitering at Lloyd's pub in Redcliffe Village.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

During the quest A Village Under Siege Berwick can be conversed with, but he will quickly reveal that he is not very talkative and end the conversation unless:

  • The Warden previously learned his name from either Bella or Lloyd and asks about it.
  • The Warden stole Berwick's letter already.
  • Leliana or Zevran are in the party, either of whom will quickly reveal him as a spy.

Upon further investigation, the Warden will be told that the elf is waiting for his brother; however, since Berwick is very stressed, he can be persuaded or intimidated (Improved Coercion is required) to reveal that he was sent to spy on the castle by "a tall man" working for Arl Howe, who was Teyrn Loghain's right hand. However, he only managed to send word to his employers that Arl Eamon is sick, because afterwards the monsters came out of the castle and Berwick was stuck in the village.

Regardless of how he is exposed, the Warden receives Berwick's letter (unless it was obtained before) and then there are several options that can be followed:

  • The elf can be told to leave the village.
  • Berwick can be forced into helping defend the village. Doing so will make Sten say "Fitting" and gain Approves (+2). However, Ico DisAppr Heart.png Oghren disapproves (-5) unless a persuasion check is successful.
  • Berwick can be killed by the Warden. If the Warden is persuaded by Oghren that this is the appropriate course of action, Ico Appr Heart.png Oghren approves (+4).

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