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For the berserkers as a group, see Berserkers.
For the specialization in Dragon Age: Origins, see Berserker (Origins).

Berserker is one of the specializations available to the warrior class in Dragon Age II.


All warriors command respect, but the Berserker is an unrelenting physical force. The name of this specialization suggests rage, risk-taking, and that is certainly part of its effectiveness, but it would be a grave mistake to suggest that the Berserker is sloppy or undisciplined. It takes an incredible amount of control to know when to lose control. Battle momentum is the key: finding the balance between total commitment and over extending. The Berserker controls the pace of combat, setting a standard that the enemy can't match. In turn, they can be sustained by the mayhem they produce, and find new energy in every fallen foe. While they stand, while stamina remains, they have no match, but they can't stand back and let battle unfold. For the Berserker, battle always ends in glory, win or lose. [1]

Talent tree[]

Talent tree


Berserk Berserk
Activation: -4 stamina per hit
Cooldown: 10s
Requires: Level 7
The berserker flies into a rage, landing powerful blows for as long as this mode is active.

Damage: +10% of remaining stamina
Endless Berserk Endless Berserk
Requires: 3 points in Berserker
Berserk rages are now less tiring to sustain.

Activation: -2 stamina per hit
Savage Berserk Savage Berserk
Requires: 4 points in Berserker
Berserk now inflicts more damage for every point of the warrior's current stamina.

Damage: +5% of remaining stamina (total: +15%)
Adrenaline Adrenaline
Activation: 20
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 2s
Requires: Level 8
Requires: Berserk
For a short time, the berserker taps into deep reserves of energy to make each strike more powerful. If the berserker activates Adrenaline multiple times, its effects are additive. (Berserk must be active)

Damage: Stacking +5%
Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush
Requires: Level 12
Requires: 3 points in Berserker
Adrenaline can now be used as frequently as the berserker desires, allowing the damage bonus to build up to tremendous size.

Cooldown: -2s (total: 0s)
Adrenaline Rage Adrenaline Rage
Requires: Level 14
Requires: 4 points in Berserker
Adrenaline's damage bonus is now much larger, particularly when the berserker activates the talent multiple times.

Damage: Stacking +3% (total: +8%)
Barrage Barrage
Activation: 20
Duration: 10s
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Level 9
Requires: Berserk
For a short time, the berserker trades protection for speed, lashing out with rapid blows but take more damage from enemy attacks. (Berserk must be active)

Attack speed: +50%
Damage resistance: -20%
Unrelenting Barrage Unrelenting Barrage
Requires: Level 13
Requires: 3 points Berserker
Barrage now lasts longer.

Duration: +10s (total: 20s)
Resilient Barrage Resilient Barrage
Requires: Level 15
Requires: 4 points in Berserker
The berserker now takes less damage while Barrage is active.

Damage resistance: +10% (total: -10%)
Death Blow Death Blow
Requires: Level 15
Requires: Adrenaline
Requires: Barrage
Requires: 5 points in Berserker
Each time the berserker fells an enemy, the thrill of victory restores a larger than normal portion of the berserker's stamina.

Stamina regeneration: Minimum 5% upon enemy death, based on enemy rank


The Berserker is a powerful class specialization that offers the player the unique opportunity to increase the damage output by raising willpower rather than strength. A Berserker might also prefer to wear stamina-increasing items. Keep in mind that strength increases your attack value (your chance to hit) as well as your fortitude.

A Berserker isn't that easy to play either. You'll dish out tons of damage, but you might want to skip other sustained abilities as they reserve a percentual amount of your stamina and you'll always have consider the activation cost. The latter gets quite obvious with Adrenaline. Although you receive a stackable 5~8% damage bonus, you'll also lower your stamina reserve and thereby reducing the damage bonus of Berserk.

But as soon as you get access to Death Blow, things will start to get much easier.

Although the Battlemaster talents might look like a perfect choice for a Berserker, it might be wiser to have another party member (namely Aveline) focus on these talents instead. Rally has a lower cooldown than Second Wind and might temporarily boost the potentially low attack value of the Berserker by applying the benefits of Control to all party members. For the same reasons, it might also be wise to choose Heroic Aura with Anders.


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