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For the specialization in Dragon Age: Origins, see Berserker (Origins).
For the specialization in Dragon Age II, see Berserker (Dragon Age II).

A berserker in battle

Berserkers are warriors who harness their anger in order to acquire tremendous strength and resilience in battle.


Experienced warriors tell of the horrors of war, of steeling one's courage and fighting through pain and fear that would cripple lesser men. According to them, to give over to rage in battle is to hand victory to your opponents; anger clouds one's mind and forces a warrior to make foolish and often fatal mistakes. The deadly berserkers dare – for a berserker would never beg – to differ. To them, the only way to conquer the terror of war is to become that terror yourself.

Founded centuries ago first as a fighting tradition among the Warrior caste in Orzammar[1][2][3], the berserker philosophy is simple; embrace the rage, internalize the terror, and wreak horror upon the field of battle. When a berserker rages, finesse, precision, and honor cower in the face of pure violence and blades flash in a haze of red mist. While this makes berserkers unpredictable on the field, it also makes them terrifying to behold and even the vile and mindless darkspawn have been known to cower in the face of a squad of raging berserkers. However, berserkers have to be in peak physical condition and able to hold their rage when they are not in the battlefield.[1]

While berserkers make up a significant part of the dwarven warriors, the tradition was long ago taught to the Avvar barbarians in the Frostback Mountains and through them made its way to the Ash Warriors, who are themselves the most renowned mercenaries in Ferelden.[4] Ash Warriors operate using berserker fighting techniques but apply their own unique principles to its use. Ash Warriors accept no pay for their deeds and instead fight for causes they deem just and noble. They also battle with their trusted mabari hounds at their sides, a distinct departure from berserker tradition.

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