Beregrand's Breastplate is a unique heavy chestpiece from the Warrior Item Pack DLC for Dragon Age II.

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Beregrand the Bold was either a hero or a traitor, depending on how you look at it. Before exile was common among the dwarves, only the most heinous crimes warranted a dwarf being stripped of house and sent to the surface. Beregrand qualified and was banished on accusations of regicide after killing a dwarven king on the Proving Sands. Beregrand spat on the Assembly that pronounced his sentence before strapping on his armor and leaving Gundaar.

Living on the surface, Beregrand's incredible fighting skills, tactical knowledge, and intellect built a naval empire centered in what would one day be Antiva. His more enduring legacy was teaching human smiths, engineers, and other crafters jealously guarded dwarven secrets. Cursed by dwarves and hailed by humans, Beregrand became a figure of much controversy.

As complicated as his life was, the story of Beregrand's armor is even more checkered. His armor has passed through many heroes hands over the centuries. Despite the advantages it gave them, no hero using it ever survived to old age.
—From Codex entry: Beregrand the Bold

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