Benoit du Lac is Aveline Vallen's father and a former Orlesian chevalier.

Background Edit

Benoit was once a respected Orlesian Chevalier. But after losing his patron to The Grand Game, he was forced to relocate his family to Ferelden, leaving Orlais behind.

Life in Ferelden Edit

He raised his daughter Aveline on stories of knights and adventures, hoping that she would emulate her namesake Ser Aveline, the Knight of Orlais. He frequently read his daughter stories, only permitting Aveline to turn the pages.

When Aveline reached the appropriate age, Benoit sold his entire fortune to sponsor her joining King Cailan's army. It succeeded, and Aveline joined the Ferelden army.

He initially opposed Aveline's marriage to Ser Wesley Vallen, disappointed that the man had no lands due to being a member of the Templar Order; he even regarded the marriage as a waste of Aveline's potential. He later relented, however, even advising Aveline to take his name and remarking approvingly when Aveline pointed out she was not asking for his permission.

Death and legacy Edit

Eventually, Benoit died of a wasting disease at a Chantry infirmary in Denerim, with only his daughter at his side.[1]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Many years later, at Chateau Haine, Aveline can discover records identifying a prisoner who is found with a tattoo of the Du Lac family crest. She comments that "no one carried his [Benoit]'s crest after he was exiled" but that the prisoner was caught years after Benoit and Aveline went to Ferelden. While searching the dungeons of the estate, Aveline discovers a ring and a note reading "Death protect this missive. All marks killed. The Grand Game continues. Beneath Du Lac for She of the Red."[2] Hawke comments that the missive does seemingly imply that whatever occurred was ordered by someone with the Du Lac name.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Forbidden Oasis there is an area called "DuLac's Path".
  • The author of the Intrinsic Pool note in the Forbidden Oasis is named as Leon DuLac, and the letter was addressed to his sister, Manon DuLac, living in the Orlesian city of Verchiel.

References Edit

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  2. Dialogue in Mark of the Assassin DLC quest The Du Lac Sign.
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