Ben-Hassrath (Those Who Speak)

Ben-Hassrath educating new converts in Rivain

Ben-Hassrath means "the Heart of the Many" in the Qunari language. The purpose of the Ben-Hassrath is protecting the faith[1] and the innocents[2]. Ben-Hassrath fall under the Ariqun, and the Qunari consider them as priests.[1] For Qunari they are leaders who maintain unity, which Qunari believe to be a strength.[1]


Ben-Hassrath primarily act as enforcers of religious law[3] in the Qunari society who are responsible for policing the populace[4] and "re-educating" both the Qunari who do not follow the established norms[4] and new converts.[5] They also act as spies[1] and assassins for the Qunari as well as perform other clandestine missions.

The entire group is under the jurisdiction of the Ariqun and would therefore be considered priests. The Qunari divide all Ben-Hassrath activities into three distinct categories: "Dangerous Purpose," "Dangerous Action," and "Dangerous Questions." Three priests form a mini-triumvirate that manages all their operations, with each priest presiding over actions in a single category.

The "Dangerous Questions" branch seems to handle the vast majority of the Qunari intelligence gathering and sabotage missions.

The "Dangerous Actions" branch appears to be the branch responsible for enforcement; their agents almost never leave Qunari-controlled territory except to hunt defectors.

The "Dangerous Purpose" branch is run by a priestess called the Viddasala, or "one who converts purpose," handles the conversion of foreigners, the reeducation of Qunari dissidents, and the collection and quarantine of magic. Things that, by Qunari definition, are threats to themselves and others by nature.[6]

Both genders can be Ben-Hassrath but they're separated by specialization:[4] female Ben-Hassrath watch and re-educate adult females and children, while male Ben-Hassrath deal with adult males.[5] Male Qunari can join the Ben-Hassrath despite the fact that they fall under the priesthood.[1] Female Ben-Hassrath learn how to fight—but in a different manner from a soldier, and unlike the soldiers the Ben-Hassrath do not live by their blade.[3] As a result, they do not possess a weapon that signifies their soul like the Antaam do, but are instead free to use whatever tools are most effective at their task.[7] In fact, it seems that the Ben-Hassrath prefer to use non-violent means to achieve their goals, as Tallis argues: "There are other paths. They do not all need to lead to the same destination."

Most of the Qunari Ben-Hassrath are hornless, therefore Qunari consider a lack of horns to be very intimidating.[8] The Qunari prefer Ben-Hassrath from races other than Qunari to be spies in foreign lands since they are better suited to this role.[1]


  • Ariqun - Chief priest of the Ben-Hassrath.
  • Hissrad - spy
  • Tallis - assassin
  • Salit - unknown function
  • Viddasala - Co-leader of the Ben-Hassrath in charge of the "Dangerous Purpose" branch; specialized in finding, studying, and stopping magic. Also handling the conversion of foreigners and the reeducation of Qunari dissidents.

Known Ben-Hassrath

HoDA Ben-Hassrath

Tier progression of a Ben-Hassrath agent in Heroes of Dragon Age


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