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Belts are an accessory in Dragon Age II. They can be used to provide a wide array of benefits such as an increase in stats.

Name Act Enhancements Acquisition
The Adherent's Belt 1–3 +1 dexterity
+5-7% critical chance
+12-18% critical damage
+3% attack speed
Improves with level up
Requires Rogue Item Pack II

Restriction: Sebastian
Andruil's Braid 3 +12 mana/stamina
+2 mana/stamina regeneration rate
+7% healing by this character
Looted from one of the graves on top of Sundermount
The Antivan Garrote 1 +2% critical chance
+4% critical damage
Immunity to flanking
BioWare Store pre-order bonus
The Belt of Promise 3 +3 dexterity
+3 cunning
+10% damage resistance
+10% magic resistance
+1% XP gain
Emporium's Relics and Antiques for 112DAO goldpiece trans 0DAO silverpiece trans 93DAO bronzepiece trans
Belt of the Brigand 2 +16 attack
+8 defense
+1% attack speed
In a Pile of Bones at the top of Sundermount
Belt of the Chastened 1 +1 magic
+2 mana/stamina regeneration rate
Looted from the Mature Dragon during The Bone Pit quest
Belt of the Hawke +1.2 * (LVL + 3) health
+0.6 * (LVL + 3) mana/stamina
Immunity to critical hits
Possible reward for Malcolm's Will

Requires Legacy DLC

Restriction: Hawke
Belt of the Primevals 2 +4% fire damage
+4% cold damage
+4% electricity damage
+4% nature damage
Inside a chest at the Bartrand's Estate during the quest Family Matter.
Belt of the Silent Sisters 3 +15 health
+ 43 attack
+22 defense
Trinkets Emporium for 8DAO goldpiece trans 0DAO silverpiece trans 64DAO bronzepiece trans
Belt of Unknowing 1 +8 mana/stamina
+2 mana/stamina regeneration rate
Found at the end of The Deep Roads Expedition.
Belt of Vigor 2 +22 health
+2 health regeneration
Hubert's Fine Goods for 7DAO goldpiece trans 2DAO silverpiece trans 10DAO bronzepiece trans
Belt of Woven Elf Hair 3 +1 constitution
+43 attack
+15 mana/stamina
+2% critical chance
Nexus Golem's Wares for 25DAO goldpiece trans 74DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans
Bloodstained Girdle +(4.8 + 0.12 * LVL)% critical chance Looted from a skeletal corpse on Farele's Floor of Corypheus's Prison during the Legacy quest.
Buckled Cinch of the Imperium +(0.3 + 0.03 * LVL) cunning
+(0.3 * LVL) attack
+(1.2 + 0.015)% attack speed
Unobtainable via normal means.

Requires the Legacy DLC.
Chevalier's Banded Pride 1–3 +(1.2 + 1.2 * LVL) health
+(0.3 * ATK(LVL)) attack
+(13.5 + 0.45 * LVL)% healing to this character
+(4.5 + 0.225 * LVL)% magic resistance
Improves with level-up
Requires Warrior Item Pack II

Restriction: Aveline
Concealer's Sash 3 +18 defense
+5% spirit damage
+3% magic resistance
Apparel Shop for 7DAO goldpiece trans 7DAO silverpiece trans 28DAO bronzepiece trans
Cord of the Weyr-Beast 2 +30 attack
+3% physical damage
Purchased at Trinkets Emporium in Lowtown for 3DAO goldpiece trans 15DAO silverpiece trans 40DAO bronzepiece trans.
Dalish Embossed Belt 2 +30 attack
+1% attack speed
+510 nature resistance
Nexus Golem's Wares for 20DAO goldpiece trans 28DAO silverpiece trans 25DAO bronzepiece trans
Deepstalker's Belt 3 +11 health
+28 attack
+14 defense
Unobtainable by normal means.
Enchanted Silverite Chain Belt 1 +1 to all attributes
+11 defense
+3% magic resistance
Bonny Lem's Wares for 5DAO goldpiece trans 93DAO silverpiece trans 60DAO bronzepiece trans.
Evra's Trophy Belt 1–3 +2 health regeneration
+3% physical damage
+2% damage resistance
Unlocked by playing Dragon Age Legends
Fereldan Circle Sash 3 +1 willpower
+38 attack
+19 defense
Girdle of the Elders 3 +13 health
+8% healing to this character
+3% damage resistance
Looted from Medan on the Wounded Coast during The Awiergan Scrolls: First Aspect.
Girdle of the Skies +(1.2 + 1.2 * LVL) mana/stamina
+2 mana/stamina regeneration rate
+(3 + 0.15 * LVL)% magic resistance
Looted from the altar at the end of The Cult of the Sky

Requires Mark of the Assassin DLC

Restriction: Mage
Griffon-Feather Belt 3 +13 health
+33 attack
+13 mana/stamina
On a corpse in the Drakestone Mines during the quest Justice
Handlers' Whip 1 +16 attack
+2% critical chance
Looted at the end of Shepherding Wolves
The Hanged Man's Girdle 3 +12 health
+30 attack
+15 defense
Hubert's Fine Goods for 7DAO goldpiece trans 92DAO silverpiece trans 30DAO bronzepiece trans
The High Lords' Belt 1–3 +18 attack
+9 defense
Enemies drop more coin
Hindsight 1–3 +1 armor
+138 fire resistance
+138 nature resistance
Enemies drop better equipment
Can be unlocked for free by anyone with a Bioware Social Network account. See here for more information.
The Irons 1–3 +1 constitution
+7 health
+127 fire resistance
+127 cold resistance
+127 electricity resistance
+127 nature resistance
+127 spirit resistance
Pre-order bonus
Karasten's Belt 3 +1 armor
+3% damage resistance
+3% magic resistance
+4 fortitude
Magnus's Wares for 25DAO goldpiece trans 92DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans
Master Wyvern Hunter's Belt +(0.3 * ATK(LVL)) attack
+(0.15 * DEF(LVL)) defense
+(4.8 + 0.12 * LVL)% critical chance
+(4.8 + 0.06 * LVL)% attack speed
Reward for killing the alpha wyvern during Heart of the Many

Requires Mark of the Assassin DLC
Nehrappan Eva 1 Vary Random loot from Qunari-related enemies and locations
Nehrappan Iss 2 +12 health
+255 fire resistance
Possible loot during the quest To Catch a Thief
Pirate Sash 1 +16 attack
+2% critical chance
Available at Shady Merchandise (Docks)
The Refined Gentleman's Sash 1–3 +1 to all attributes
+3-4% critical chance
+7-10% critical damage
+5-9% damage resistance
+5-9% magic resistance
Improves with level up
Requires Rogue Item Pack II

Restriction: Varric
Rock Band 3 +1 armor
+8 fortitude
Looted from an ethereal golem during Haunted
Sailors' Rope Belt 1 +3% physical damage
+3 fortitude
Looted during the quest Fools Rush In
Sash of the Halla 3 +19 defense
+2 health regeneration rate
+3% damage resistance
Master Ilen's Shop for 9DAO goldpiece trans 24DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans
Sash of the Tirashan 2 +21 attack
+3% physical damage
Found in The Deep Roads
Seneschals' Leather Strap 2 +23 attack
+2% critical chance
+3% physical damage
Looted from one of the patrons in the Hanged Man during the quest Offered and Lost.
Seven Deadly Cinch 3 +2% critical chance
+9% critical damage
+3% physical damage
Magnus's Wares for 24DAO goldpiece trans 84DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans
String of Pearls 1 +6 health
Enemies drop more coin
Looted during Bait and Switch
Sturdy Belt 1–3 +8 health
+9 defense
+2 health regeneration rate
Sold at Emporium's Relics and Antiques for 4DAO goldpiece trans 99DAO silverpiece trans 20DAO bronzepiece trans. Requires The Black Emporium DLC.
Templar Ceremonial Cummerbund 3 +2 health regeneration rate
+10% magic resistance
Found in a Master Chest during The Last Straw
Ties That Bind +(0.6 + 0.06 * LVL) dexterity
+(2.4 + 0.03 * LVL)% attack speed
Looted from the Revenant if you sided with Larius during the Legacy quest.

Requires the Legacy DLC.
Twilight Belt 2 +1 to all attributes
+7% healing by this character
+3% magic resistance
Unobtainable via normal means. Requires The Exiled Prince DLC.
Visionary's Girdle 1–3 +(0.9 + 0.9 * LVL) mana/stamina
+3 mana/stamina regeneration rate
+(6 + 0.15 * LVL)% electricity damage
+(6 + 0.15 * LVL)% spirit damage
+(11.25 + 0.375 * LVL) healing by this character
Improves with level up
Requires Mage Item Pack II

Restriction: Anders
Wyvern Hunter's Belt +(0.15 * ATK(LVL)) attack
+(0.075 * DEF(LVL)) defense
+(2.4 + 0.06 * LVL)% critical chance
+(2.4 + 0.03 * LVL)% attack speed
Reward for killing the wyvern during Heart of the Many

Requires Mark of the Assassin DLC
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