Do not attempt to charm me. I am far too old to tolerate it.

Minister Bellise is an Orlesian bureaucrat, disillusioned with the state of the Orlesian politics.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

As part of Josephine Montilyet's effort to bring her family back into Val Royeaux, she needs a Minister to endorse the Du Paraquettes' return to nobility. Belisse has been rumored to attend a party held by Marquis Wiscotte, and Josephine asks for an invitation for the Inquisitor, so they can meet the Minister in person.

The Inquisitor catches Bellise leaving the party, complaining about its dullness. She approaches the Inquisitor and promptly inquires about the purpose of the meeting. She asks what the Inquisition can offer in exchange for raising the once noble family of farmers back to nobility.

If the Inquisitor decides to seduce Bellise: Since the Inquisitor is not involved in a confirmed relationship, they offer to bed the Minister. Bellise finds the suggestion intriguing enough, and accepts.

If the Inquisitor decides to offer Inquisition soldiers: The Inquisitor offers the Minister the use of the Inquisition army. To Bellise, this is apparently a more desirable option, compared with taking advantage of Gaspard de Chalons's chevaliers, as Gaspard always asks for favors in return. Thus Bellise accepts the offer.

If the Inquisitor decides to offer Inquisition connections: The Inquisitor offers the Minister the Inquisition's foreign reach, and Bellise replies that she will use Josephine's connection to Antiva, despite the diminished status of the Montilyet family. She also implies that she intends to spend the winter at one of the Antivan coasts.

If the Inquisitor decides to offer information: The Inquisitor offers the Minister access to valuable information, and the Minister replies that she will then make use of Leliana's spy network.

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