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“Another doomed soul come to drown their sorrows here, I see?”

Bella is a tavern waitress in Redcliffe Village. If a conversation is initiated with the Warden, she admits that she is receiving poor wages and being groped by Lloyd, the tavern owner. The Warden may have the option of helping her leave her life of poverty.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Note: You can only do this quest when preparing Redcliffe for battle.

If the Warden intimidates Lloyd into joining the defense of Redcliffe Village, Bella takes over the tavern, giving the Warden access to free supplies (see bug below). If Lloyd lives through the battle, the "bug" still works and Bella, strangely, still has control of the business, even though Lloyd is once more behind the bar.

If you try to talk to Lloyd after he has given you his ring, he'll say "You put Bella in charge, talk to her" (he will regain control and open for business as a merchant only after the Warden helps Bella leave Redcliffe).

After having successfully completed A Village Under Siege, the Warden can talk to Bella again. In this encounter, the Warden can give her 100Silver to "get out of Redcliffe" or 500Silver to "start a new life" (if the promise to help her has been made before the battle). She can alternatively take over the tavern if you force Lloyd to fight and he dies in the battle (the epilogue later notes she renames the tavern The Warden's Rest). She may also be persuaded to kiss a male Warden as thanks for saving the town. The Warden may also present Bella with an opportunity to be a maid for Bann Teagan.

  • For giving her 500Silver: Ico Appr Heart Wynne approves (+8) (Ico Appr Heart Wynne approves (+4) on xbox360Xbox360Ultimate Edition), Ico Appr Heart Alistair approves (+1) and Ico DisAppr Heart Morrigan disapproves (-10) (successful persuasion will soften that to -3). The epilogue slideshow will note that Bella moved to Denerim and started her own brewery).
  • If the Warden suggests she become Bann Teagan's maid, Ico DisAppr Heart Morrigan disapproves (-3) and Ico Appr Heart Alistair approves (+1).[1]
  • If the Warden accepts a kiss for saving the town, Leliana and/or Morrigan disapprove to the tune of Disapproves (-10) regardless of romance status. Ico Appr Heart Alistair approves (+1), Ico Appr Heart Oghren approves (+2) and also mutters "Hot." The three militiamen will just sit and stare with mouths hanging open.
  • If you kiss her twice during the conversation (because you survived the battle and in exchange for the money you give her), the approval with Oghren will go up by Approves (+4), while with a romanced Leliana, it could go down by Disapproves (-20).
  • Alternatively, if The Warden offers Bella the tavern, and picks the option "I didn't say for free...", she gives you 3 Gold and agrees to pay you more later. This option is only available if you have intimidated Lloyd into giving you the tavern. The non-trading free inventory (see below) will shift from Lloyd to her.
If The Warden chooses to abandon Redcliffe, and leaves the village to fight for itself, Bella will die and come back as a revived corpse in the castle.


A Village Under Siege A Village Under Siege


Name Price
Health Poultice
Health Poultice Health Poultice
Lesser Health Poultice
Lesser Health Poultice Lesser Health Poultice (x2)
Lesser Injury Kit
Lesser Injury Kit Lesser Injury Kit (x2)
Mabari Crunch
Mabari Crunch Mabari Crunch (x2)
Lesser Injury Kit Recipe
Lesser Injury Kit Recipe Lesser Injury Kit Recipe
Health Poultice Recipe
Health Poultice Recipe Health Poultice Recipe
Double-Baked Mabari Crunch Recipe
Double-Baked Mabari Crunch Recipe Double-Baked Mabari Crunch Recipe
Flask Flask (x8)
Elfroot (Origins)
Elfroot Elfroot (x4)
Deep Mushroom (Origins)
Deep Mushroom Deep Mushroom (x2)
Wine Wine


  • "Ha-ha! You're a rare one, you are, making me laugh with this blackness hanging over our heads."


  • When Shale was moved from Redcliffe to Honnleath during development, a humorous exchange with Bella was left as a cut content. This exchange can still be found within Bella's dialogue file via the toolset.
    • Bella: "Yes? Can I--oh dear. Isn't that the statue that's been standing outside for years, now?"
    • Shale: "And it is the human that likes to lie in my shadow when coupling with others of its kind. Delightful."
    • Bella: "And it speaks! Does it drink ale, too?"
    • Shale: "Thankfully, no. Perhaps it should serve those who require serving?"
    • Bella: "Then I will... do that. Welcome to the bar, at any rate, er... statue-man."


  • ps3ps3xbox360xbox360 With The Stone Prisoner DLC installed, and after intimidating Lloyd into leaving and joining the defense of the town, Bella will allow you to look through Lloyd's tavern supplies and help yourself to the items he has in storage. After you receive crystals from her, leave the tavern and then walk back in. Bella will allow you to help yourself to the crystals again. Obviously, you can sell these crystals and have an infinite supply of gold. However, this bug, at least if overused, seems to lead to a corrupted save file, probably due to a counter overflow in tracking the total number of crystals sold to a merchant (PC was patched with v1.02).
  • ps3ps3 To avoid save file corruption from over use of Bella's infinite sovereigns glitch, confine buying and selling the free crystals to the temporary merchant in Haven. His store is unique in that it does not keep track of all the crystals that you sell him, nor does his store remain after you initiate the events in the town. Or to be on the safe side, one could restrian doing this glitch until brilliant and flawless crystals appear in Bella's store (lvl 18-20) (Only confirmed by one user need another to verify). Flawless crystals available with lvl 16 character.
  • If Lloyd dies in The Attack at Nightfall and the Warden returns to the tavern, a male Warden can ask Bella for a kiss by selecting the "hero's welcome" dialogue option and/or in return for the 500 Silver. During the cut-scene for either kiss Lloyd will appear behind the counter for a few seconds before the camera cuts away. Once the kiss is over Lloyd is again gone. Any romance-able female party member will lose approval if you accept the kiss, even if they are not being romanced.
  • pcpc To trigger the option of giving Bella money it is necessary to talk to her during A Village Under Siege quest. Otherwise, there is no way of offering her money after The Attack at Nightfall is completed. (Tested for PC with v1.04)
    • When talking to her, select "So how has business been?"
    • You can offer to talk to Lloyd about her situation.
    • Be sure to follow through with "Why don't you leave?" and "You could leave if you had some help."
    • You should get her response to talk after the battle.


  1. Perhaps Alistair approves of this because it reminds him of his mother's role as a scullery maid in Redcliffe Castle; his remark when this option is suggested, "It's not such a bad life," seems significant.