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Beatrix III is the Divine of the Andrastian Chantry who reigned in the late Blessed Age and into the Dragon Age.


Due to the Chantry's close relationship with the Orlesian Empire as well as her friendship with Emperor Florian she attempted to pressure the templars of Kirkwall to overthrow its Viscount, Perrin Threnhold, because he charged exorbitant fees to Orlesian ships. However Knight-Commander Guylian resisted her attempts to pressure the Templars to become involved with local politics.[1] This all changed when Threnhold actively attempted to expel the Templars from Kirkwall by ordering the knight-commander's assassination in the hope of doing away with any possible claimants to his power. This plan backfired when Meredith Stannard succeeded Guylian and shortly thereafter led a counteract against the Viscount's Keep with a stronger number of templars at her disposal. Threnhold was eventually overthrown, and Marlowe Dumar was eventually appointed in his place by Elthina, the Grand Cleric of Kirkwall, at the advice of the Divine.


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Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker.

Divine Beatrix III in Ceremonial Robes

In 9:22 Dragon Callista, the Grand Cleric of Orlais, began planning to overthrow Divine Beatrix III and kill all other Grand Clerics in the process so that she could become Divine through the help of Knight-Commander Martel and the blood mage Frenic. However Callista's plans were foiled by one of the Seekers of Truth Cassandra Pentaghast. Afterwards, Beatrix publicly commended Cassandra and her mage companion, Regalyan D'Marcall for their heroic actions. Beatrix III named her the Right Hand of the Divine and him a Senior Enchanter of the Circle at Val Royeaux. Afterwards, Beatrix visited Cassandra in the Chantry, warning that a storm was coming and passed a book with the insignia of the Seekers into her hands.

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Dragon Age: Asunder.

Rhys recalls the last and only prior instance he had been in the Grand Cathedral. He recently became a senior enchanter and went along with the other newly appointed enchanters to the Grand Cathedral in order to introduce themselves to the Divine in 9:33 Dragon. By then, Beatrix was a fragile old woman who needed four attendants to carry her over to the Sunburst Throne. Soon afterwards she fell asleep on the throne, while the mages introduced themselves to her.[2]

Beatrix III suffered a major stroke in 9:34 Dragon. Before she died however, she nominated Dorothea, an Orlesian Revered Mother as her successor.[3] Eventually Beatrix's nomination successfully passed from the Grand Consensus and Dorothea succeeded Beatrix III as the new Divine with the name Justinia V.


  • It is stated that Beatrix held the office for almost 50 years[4] which however is conflicted with the reign of her predecessor, Faustine II.
  • In her old age, she was said to have long suffered from dementia.[5]