Bears are wild animals common to the forests of Thedas. They are rarely seen during the day and don't attack travelers unless provoked. Enraged bears are remarkably dangerous and can strike massive blows, capable of knocking a man off his feet. Some rangers are known to summon bears to fight on their side.


Dragon Age: Origins

Bears are encountered several times in Dragon Age: Origins.

Black bear

Black bear

A summoned black bear

Black bears are the most common type of bears. They can be summoned by a Ranger and Shapeshifters can transform into one. The Ranger's bear levels up with the character and thus makes for a great tanking ally, with high health and damage output. While the same applies to the bear form, its use prevents spellcasting and thus it should only be used as a last resort.


Ico Village Lothering
Ico Area Map Fade
Ico Area Map Forest Path


SlamAbilityBear Slam
RageAbilityBear Rage (summoned bears only)

Great bear

Great bear is far larger and more powerful than the black bear. Master Ranger converts the summoned bear to Great Bear, marginally increasing its power and letting it use Rage.


Ico Forest Brecilian Forest
Ico Back Alley Battlefield
Ico Area Map Forest Path


SlamAbilityBear Slam
RageAbilityBear Rage (summoned bears only)
Overwhelm Overwhelm

Bear Essentials

Black bear, great bear and bereskarn

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bears can be found throughout Ferelden and Orlais. Large bears appear during the quest Bergrit's Claws in the Hinterlands. There is an even larger and more powerful version of the great bear, Old Scarred Paw, who appears with its cubs during A Bear to Cross.


  • Bear
  • Large bear
  • Great bear


Creature research icon Bear Claws
Bear Hide icon Bear Hide
Great Bear Claws icon Great Bear Claws
Great Bear Hide icon Great Bear Hide
Creature research icon Great Bear Teeth


Emerald Graves icon (Inquisition) Emerald Graves
Emprise du Lion icon (Inquisition) Emprise du Lion
Fallow Mire icon (Inquisition) Fallow Mire (at Granite Point)
Hinterlands icon (Inquisition) Hinterlands
Storm Coast icon (Inquisition) Storm Coast


Dragon Age: Origins

  • ps3Icon ps3When summoned, the great bear will often get stuck in normal-sized doorways. This is noticeable, for example, during the Warden's Keep DLC.


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