Normally, it is almost unheard of for bears to attack travelers. They are, in fact, so shy and so inactive during the day that most people never encounter a bear at all. However, should a bear be provoked, they are remarkably dangerous. The normally placid-seeming creatures become enraged, and can strike massive blows with their paws, capable of knocking a man off his feet.
—From Codex entry: Bear


Bears live in forests, often near settlements. They are known for breaking into cabins and stealing food. They have a special fondness for honey. There is also a trained bear with a trainer at the Pearl brothel in Denerim.

During your Harrowing in the Mage Origin, after being taught to assume Bear form by the Sloth Demon found during the quest, Mouse will become a Black Bear companion for the remainder of the quest.

A Shapeshifter in the party, notably Morrigan, is able to change into a Bear once you have unlocked such an ability. Her change makes her very powerful but disables the use of using items and regular spells. To regain the ability, you must transform Morrigan back to her former self by clicking default bear skill 1.

If your character has purchased the Manual: Ranger from Bodahn to unlock the Ranger specialization, they can summon a bear to aid in battle. This begins as a Black Bear, but once your character has learned the Master Ranger talent, Summon Bear will summon the much larger and more powerful Great Bear.

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