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Battlefield is a location accessible from the World map; upon entering the area, the map will be labeled Deserted Battlefield instead.


Map-Deserted Battlefield

Map of the Area

After obtaining the quest from the Chanter's Board in Redcliffe Village, this location appears on the World map. As the Warden's party explores the area, they will be attacked by wild animals.

Note: The location is marked as Battlefield on the map, but once the Warden travels to the area, the local map is labeled Deserted Battlefield


Brothers and Sons Brothers and Sons

Hostile creatures[]

Bears (Boss)
Wolves (Normal)
Note: There will be 2 waves of wolves and a bear. Their appearances are triggered by approaching certain spots on the map; see the Brothers and Sons quest for additional details.

Notable items[]

Chainmail Chainmail - randomly looted from bears (the item will be scaled to the Warden's level).
Soldier's Diary Soldier's Diary - source: Bloody Corpse.