For two-handed axes in other games, see Battleaxes (Origins) and Greataxes.

This page lists Battleaxes in Dragon Age II.

Name Damage Runes
Act Enhancements Notes
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
27 strength
21 physical damage
(34 per second)
0 2 +5% critical chance
+4 fire damage
Available at Korval's Blades in Hightown for 4DAO goldpiece trans 8DAO silverpiece trans 75DAO bronzepiece trans.
The Anderfel Cleaver
Requires: Two-Handed
25 strength
20 fire damage
(33 per second)
2 1–3 +63 attack Requires The Black Emporium DLC.
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
41 strength
38 cold damage
(62 per second)
2 3 +16% cold damage
5% chance to regenerate 4% health
Looted from Arcane Horror during The Awiergan Scrolls: Third Aspect.
Double-Bearded Axe
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
35 strength
32 physical damage
(52 per second)
0 2 +42 mana/stamina
+15% critical damage
+10% physical damage
Looted from Qunari Sten in Hightown during Demands of the Qun.
Dragon's Breath
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
40 strength
40 fire damage
(66 per second)
0 +16% fire damage
+16 fire damage
Dropped by Cahir in Chateau Haine. Requires Mark of the Assassin DLC.
Dwarven Great Axe
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
37 strength
35 physical damage
(57 per second)
3 3 Available at Korval's Blades in Hightown for 13DAO goldpiece trans 86DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans.
Fereldan Broadaxe
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
13 strength
5 physical damage
(8 per second)
0 0 Looted from a Dead Refugee during The Destruction of Lothering if Hawke is a warrior.
Reforged Hossberg Twainer
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
23 strength
17 physical damage
(28 per second)
1 1 +2 strength
+22 mana/stamina
Acquisition unknown, possibly unobtainable
Superior Battle Axe
Requires: Two-Handed
X strength
Varies 0 Varies. Selected from:
+X health
+Y% physical damage
Generic. Found at random among merchant's wares, or as loot. Its properties are scaled to Hawke's level.
Top-Chop Brand
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
33 strength
31 physical damage
(51 per second)
0 3 +102 attack
+6% critical chance
+10% physical damage
Looted from Jakeson Hall during Red Run Streets.
Widow's Fury
Requires: Two-Handed
36 strength
34 physical damage
(56 per second)
1 3 +15% critical damage
5% chance to stun
Available at the Weapon Shop in the Gallows Courtyard for 13DAO goldpiece trans 31DAO silverpiece trans 40DAO bronzepiece trans.
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