Marshall Bastien Proulx[1] is the commander of Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons's troops in the Exalted Plains. He is currently stationed at Fort Revasan.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After both Empress Celene and Gaspard agreed to Grand Duchess Florianne's offer of peace talks at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral to end the War of the Lions, Proulx withdrew his troops to Fort Revasan in the eastern Exalted Plains to bide their time and await the outcome of the talks. Not long after this the breach occurred and Fade rifts opened across the plains- animating hordes of Undead and overrunning the Eastern and Western ramparts. Proulx dispatches Corporal Rosselin to reclaim the Eastern Ramparts. Thanks to aid from the Inquisitor, both the Eastern and Western ramparts were retaken along with Victory's rise. Proulx also requests the Inquisitor close the rift beneath the Riverside Garrison, so Proulx can retake the fortress. Thanks to Inquisition support, the riverside garrison is reclaimed and Proulx redeploys his troops to patrol the roads and guard against the demons and the so called "Freemen of the Dales", the armed Orlesian deserters who have been attacking civilians.

Proulx HoDA

Proulx in Heroes of Dragon Age

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Quest icon DAI Another Side, Another Story
Quest icon DAI No Word Back

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