Bartholomew is a surface dwarf living in the City of Amaranthine, who works as a pimp. He is a minor character in Dragon Age: Warden's Fall.

Background Edit

The dwarf was running an illegal brothel several years before the events of the series. But since then, his business has become legitimate, or so he claims. It is known that Bartholomew currently employs elven prostitutes from Amaranthine's alienage.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Warden's Fall.

Bartholomew is approached by an old accomplice of his, Kristoff, who is seeking information about a human smuggler, Cyril. Initially the dwarf pretends to not remember this man but after the Grey Warden bribes him, Bartholomew starts describing Cyril. The dwarf however is reluctant to provide more information to Kristoff without a larger monetary incentive, an action which infuriates Kristoff who violently intimidates Bartholomew and describes him as a 'bottom feeder'. Fearful of what would the Warden do to him, Bartholomew acquiesces and tells Kristoff where and when to find the human smuggler.

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