Bard's Honor is a unique axe in Dragon Age II. It is acquired by purchasing the Rogue Item Pack II DLC. Its twin is Fiona.

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A curious thing, Perren. I found the axe among Cailan's belongings, wrapped in damask cloth, and initially I thought it might be another gift from that Orlesian harlot. It was a pretty enough thing, and the markings on the blade certainly seemed imperial.

I even went so far as to confront Cailan with it, and do you know what he said? The axe was of "personal importance" to his father. So why wasn't it buried with his ashes, I asked? "Because my mother wouldn't have approved." I wondered if he was lying, but Cailan's terrible at it.

I did some digging, and are you aware there was an elven woman seen in Maric's company shortly before the Battle of the River Dane? There was a rumor, I understand, that they were lovers, and that she was a bard. Was Maric being blackmailed? I wonder if this has anything to do with that mysterious bequeathment to those elven families in Orlais?

Of course, I had Cailan dispose of the axe immediately.

—From a letter written by Queen Anora of Ferelden, 9:27 Dragon
—From Codex entry: Bard's Honor

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