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The Bannorn is the name given to the central lowland region of Ferelden. It forms the backbone of Ferelden in terms of both agriculture and population.[1]


The Bannorn possesses the largest number of freeholders in Ferelden, many of whom belong to banns. A number of relatively minor lords also reside in the Bannorn and, as a group, they represent a powerful political force as well as their combined military strength forms a large portion of the Fereldan army. However, they are often prone to fighting amongst themselves constantly, over anything and everything. They will go to war with each other over such things as elopements, or even wool. One war was even started by an apple tree.[2]

Due to this political status, it is considered being very difficult to control the Bannorn by force. This can be easily noticed when the war hero Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir tried to force the banns to submit under his regency. Several banns, including Bann Teagan Guerrin, stood against Loghain and plunged Ferelden into civil war.


Codex entries[]

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  • When "bannorn" is spelled with a lowercase "b", it refers to the land possessed by a bann.[1]
  • The Imperial Highway surrounds the Bannorn from all sides.


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