Banners is a collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Collect all banner variations.

Acquisition Edit

The collection triggers upon the Inquisitor's arrival at Skyhold.

Walkthrough Edit

In order to complete the collection, 22 banners must be found. This includes 11 banners and their corresponding banner crowns.

Banners Edit

Banner Location
Andrastian Chantry Found in a tower in the Eastern Ramparts in the Exalted Plains where you defeat Gordian (tower also has a shard)
Dalish Located in a barrel in an empty shack close to the entrance of Argon's Lodge in the Emerald Graves
Ferelden Located in the Grand Forest Villa in the Hinterlands
Free Marches Located upstairs in Master Dennet's house in Redcliffe Farms in the Hinterlands
Inquisition Capture one Keep
Circle of Magi Located in the Upper Royal Wing of Redcliffe Castle during In Hushed Whispers
Orlais Located in a small chest behind the Halla Door in the Guest Garden in the Winter Palace during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
(Note: requires 3 Halla Statues to access)
Templar Located in a chest on the upper level of the Great Hall in Therinfal Redoubt during Champions of the Just
Tevinter Imperium Located in a chest in a room on the left side of the Main Chamber in the Still Ruins in the Western Approach
(Note: Door requires the Deft Hands, Fine Tools perk before it can be accessed)
Grey Warden Located in a chest at the second siege point (where Hawke is) in Adamant Fortress during Here Lies the Abyss
Frostback Basin Located in the Special Requisitions chest in the Undercroft of Skyhold with the Spoils of the Avvar DLC
Par Vollen Located in the Special Requisitions chest in the Undercroft of Skyhold with the Spoils of the Qunari DLC


Banner Crown Location
Andrastian Chantry Choose the Chantry Garden (Skyhold major upgrade)
Sold by Skyhold customization vendor in Val Royeaux if Herb Garden upgrade is chosen.
Dalish Complete For the Empire quest in the Exalted Plains
Fereldan Located in the Fisherman's Hut, south of the astrarium in the East Side Hills region, Crestwood
(Note: After the lake is drained the region is called The Flats)
Free Marches Located in the Astrarium Cave in the Storm Coast
Inquisition Capture all Keeps (Caer Bronach, Griffon Wing Keep, Suledin Keep).
Before patch 10 sometimes bugged.
Circle of Magi
Orlais Located in a safe in the vault in Villa Maurel in the Emerald Graves which is accessed during the side quest Safe Keeping
Tevinter Imperium Located in a chest in a small camp beside a large rock, over a large ridge east of the Golden Oasis. It's northeast of the Canyon Camp and southwest of Statue Camp (closer to Statue Camp) in the Hissing Wastes. Walk basically in a straight line from Statue Camp towards Canyon Camp and it's in a little valley.
(Note: This can be rather difficult to find. Look for the camp with a Tevinter banner)
Grey Warden Located in a barrel on the cliff face close to Envers Mining Camp in the Forbidden Oasis (see Gallery)

Rewards Edit

Completing the collection yields:

  • 200 Influence

Notes Edit

  • There are 24 banners and crowns in total with DLC. (note: the collection counter will count DLC banners towards the collection, despite not being part of the 22, so your counter will be 2 higher than it should be)
  • Due to the Mage and Templar banner and crown being mutually exclusive, the Dwarven banner and crown are located in two locations.
  • With patch 1.07, any banner pieces rendered otherwise unobtainable by your choices in the game can be purchased from the Skyhold customization merchant in Val Royeaux.
  • Previously, a bug prevented the Inquisition banner crown being acquired, either due to collecting an item on the Storm Coast, or claiming keeps in the wrong order. This was partially rectified in patch 1.07 for some players, before finally being fixed in patch 1.10.

Gallery Edit

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