Bann Loren's Lands is the land belonging to Bann Loren. It includes a large forest and is located in the west of Ferelden, just north east of the Fereldan Circle Tower. It is also home to the Bann's Castle, Caer Oswin.

Involvement Edit

The Warden visits a small section of the forest where a confrontation between Elric Maraigne, one of King Cailan's honour guard, and some of Bann Loren's men occurs. The Warden can intervene or wait until the guards have departed.

Bann Loren's Lands Map

Map of the Area

Resources Edit

Rgt ico elfroot Elfroot x2
Rgt ico deathroot Deathroot x2

Notes Edit

  • Once you accept Elric Maraigne's quest and leave the map, you will be unable to return.
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