The first quest you get from the Lothering Chanter's Board.


Groups of bandits have populated the area north of Lothering. A reward has been posted for the removal of them.


Kill three groups of bandits in the open area just to the north of Lothering. One group is to the northeast, at the edge of a field. The group consists of 5 bandits and a mercenary archer. There is a group of 3 bandits, a mercenary archer, a rogue and a couple of mabari war dogs to the west of the first group. The final group consist of the bandit leader, one mabari, and three bandits. They are north of the second group behind a rise. This is the hardest group, and will have the best loot. There is a locked chest (20xp) and a sack to be looted here.


You will get a small monetary reward, 3 gold, and more quests become available from the Chanter's Board.

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