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“Know that all who prey upon refugees do so under the pain of death.” ― Lothering Chanter's Board

Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.


This is the first quest available from the Chanter's Board in Lothering.


Three groups of bandits have occupied the area north of Lothering. A reward for their removal has been posted on behalf of a templar, Ser Bryant.

  • The nearest group (five Bandits and a Mercenary Archer) is north of Lothering proper and towards the east, in the field enclosed by a fence.
  • West and slightly north from there, between the windmill and an east-west rise, are three Bandits, a Mercenary Archer, a rogue and two Mabari war hounds.
  • The final group, on the other side of the rise, consists of an lieutenant-ranked Bandit Leader, one Mabari and three Bandits. The Leader makes this the hardest group, with the best loot potential: they guard a locked chest and a sack.

After all three groups have been disposed of, return to Chanter Devons near the Chanter's Board in Lothering.

Bug icon Bug! Since you do not have to accept the quest at the Chanter's Board before being able to encounter the bandit groups (unlike the bears and wolves in the subsequent quests), killing all three groups before officially accepting the quest will prevent the "active objective" marker in the journal (which tells how many bandit groups have been defeated) from becoming a "complete objective" checkmark. This is cosmetic and does not negatively impact the quest or prevent you from getting the reward or subsequent quests.


Two new quests are posted on the Chanter's Board: When Bears Attack and A Last Keepsake.



Found on Bandit Leader's corpse:

Greatsword Greatsword
Qunari Thickened Cap Qunari Thickened Cap
Heavy Chainmail Heavy Chainmail
Heavy Chainmail Gloves Heavy Chainmail Gloves
Heavy Chainmail Boots Heavy Chainmail Boots
Note: Since Sten has no equipment when he joins the party, this equipment is perfectly suited for him.

Enemy skills[]

The diversity in outlaws' titles (bandits, mercenaries, mercenary archers and rogues) reflects their equipment, which governs their skills.

Note: The mabari skills are listed on its own page.
Archer Rogue 2H-Weapon Sword/Shield
Aim Aim
Cripple Cripple
Powerful Swings Powerful Swings
Precise Striking Precise Striking
Critical Shot Critical Shot
Dirty Fighting Dirty Fighting
Sunder Arms Sunder Arms
Shield Pummel Shield Pummel
Pinning Shot Pinning Shot
Flurry Flurry
Shattering Shot Shattering Shot