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“As Steward, I am a non-voting member. I am not permitted to voice opinions about the vote, although I am forming some about our members.”

Bandelor is a dwarven lord who presides over the Assembly of Orzammar during the events of the Fifth Blight. As the Steward of the Assembly, he is a non-voting member.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Upon first granted access to the city of Orzammar, the Warden is directed to the Assembly Steward as part of Seek out Steward Bandelor quest. After witnessing a tense meeting of the Assembly over the succession crisis, Bandelor properly greets the Warden. He explains the situation as well as some information about how the Assembly functions and can keep the Warden updated on the progress of the election. He also mentions the critical role that Prince Bhelen Aeducan and Lord Pyral Harrowmont have in order to break the current stalemate.

During the finale of A Paragon of Her Kind quest, when the Warden obtains the crown from either Branka or Caridin and returns back to the Chamber of the Assembly, the deshyrs will follow the wishes of the Paragon regarding the next King of Orzammar.


Seek out Steward Bandelor Seek out Steward Bandelor


Bandelor can be asked how the election is looking at a certain moment. In several cases, his answer will vary depending on the player's choices. See here for more information.


When the Warden hasn't completed a task for each candidate:

"At this point, they're stone for stone. I wouldn't put any coin on the outcome. It's still up in the air, though. One big surprise, and it could go either way."

Bug icon Bug! This will also be Bandelor's answer even if the Warden completes the first and the second task for Harrowmont.

When the Warden has completed the first task for Bhelen:

"Well, Harrowmont's still holding his main supporters, but the whole Helmi House just turned against him. It's still up in the air, though. One big surprise, and it could go either way."


When the Warden has completed the second task for Bhelen:

"Harrowmont started to pull ahead, but Bhelen got a huge surge of support when he announced Jarvia's death. It's still up in the air, though. One big surprise, and it could go either way."


After a new king is coronated:

"Your role in this election will long be remembered, Warden."