In Dragon Age: Origins the Ballista is a valuable attack weapon. Loosing heavy bolts, darts and spears along a flat trajectory, missiles launched from the Ballista have great penetration and are capable of skewering several enemies at one time. If The Warden is lucky enough to find one, they can be used to devastating effect.


  • Two ballistae can be found on the Second Floor in Tower of Ishal when facing a group of darkspawn. The ballistae can be used to kill them quickly and easy.
  • At Caridin’s Cross a darkspawn 'fort' will be encountered in the middle of the crossroad with three ballistae watching the roads which are manned by genlocks.
  • During the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest, there are several ballistae arranged around the edges of a medium-sized room. Each one is attached to a tripwire; breaking the tripwire causes the ballista the tripwire is attached to to fire, so these have essentially been set up as a booby trap for the unwary.
  • In the final battle with the Archdemon, the ballistae can used on him ( maximum 115 damage per shot). Be aware as these ballistae can jam and won't be able to be used unless a rogue unjams them.


  • The word 'Ballista' is derived from the Greek word 'Ballistes' meaning to throw. In England, siege weapons, including the Ballista, was also known as the Ingenium from the Latin word ingenium meaning ingenious device.
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