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“I'm a good man. I try to live by the Paragons' examples, but... it's not always easy.”

Baizyl Harrowmont is a noble dwarf fighting in the Provings and a cousin to Pyral Harrowmont as well as a member of House Harrowmont.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The Warden will meet Baizyl in the Proving Grounds if he is siding with Harrowmont and completed A Lord's Trust: The First Task. Dulin Forender will task the Warden to find out why he along with Gwiddon, the other Harrowmont's fighter, dropped out of the Proving.

If the Warden cannot persuade Baizyl to tell his story, he will just sit out of the Proving. If he is convinced, he will explain that he is being blackmailed by one of Bhelen Aeducan's fighters, Myaja.

When he was younger, he was seeing a girl named Revelka Aeducan. However her family married her to someone from House Bemot in order to strengthen the bonds between the two houses, however they haven't stopped seeing each other. Myaja has in her possession love letters from Revelka to him.

The Warden can propose to retrieve those letters and do so by either lockpicking Myaja's door or stealing the key from her. The letters are in a locked chest in her room.

When the Warden hands in the letters, Baizyl is relieved that Revelka is safe and accepts to fight in Harrowmont's name again. During the Proving, the Warden will be able to ask him to fight at their side when needed.

If you ask how much the letters are worth to him, he'll offer 10Gold. With a high enough Coercion, the Warden can get 15 Gold.

If Harrowmont is made king, Baizyl will help lead the surface army. However if he didn't help his cousin in the Provings he will mention that the palace sent a missive as his cousin—now king of Orzammar—is disappointed by Baizyl's lack of support, while an investigation will also take place.

On the occasion that the Warden places Prince Bhelen on the throne, Baizyl will later remark that he has been summoned to a meeting with the king, and that he's as good as dead. If Baizyl sat out and Prince Bhelen gains the throne then he is told he would not be executed. However Renvil Harrowmont in Dragon Age II mentions that he is the last surviving member of the house, which implies that Baizyl was still killed even if he sat out.


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