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Back Alley Justice is a quest received from the Chanter's Board located in Denerim. There are three groups of criminals roaming around Denerim, and it is your job to handle the situation.


Travel to the following locations on the Denerim City Map:

In each area, you fight a group of thugs led by a "Gang Leader." They will use the following skills against you.

Bandit Skills
Archers Dual-Wielders Weapon-and-shield Two-handed (Gang leaders only)
Aim Aim
Scattershot Scattershot
Critical Shot Critical Shot
Shattering Shot Shattering Shot
Precise Striking Precise Striking
Momentum Momentum
Cripple Cripple
Flurry Flurry
Precise Striking Precise Striking
Shield Pummel Shield Pummel
Assault Assault
Shield Cover Shield Cover
Powerful Swings Powerful Swings
Destroyer Destroyer
Sunder Armor Sunder Armor
Critical Strike Critical Strike

After defeating all three groups, return to any Chantry representative for your reward.


  • 175 XP
  • 4 Gold

If you approach Sergeant Kylon (after completing Pearls Before Swine, The Crimson Oars and Back Alley Justice) he will say he has something for you. Talk to him and you get:

  • 50 XP
  • 4 Gold


  • This quest will appear under the "Denerim" quest heading, rather than the "Chanter's Board" heading.
  • You may have a chance to obtain Red Jenny Seekers on the Gang Leader's corpse in the Dark Alley.
  • Each of these areas is also associated with other sidequests. You can start The Last Request in the Run-Down Back Street by looting the dead templar's journal.


  • The bug mostly seems to occur when traveling to one of the districts involved in the quest before accepting it from the Chantry board, e.g. when completing the Dereliction of Duty quest which also occurs in one of the areas in question. The scripted fight will still occur at that location and the quest will be added to the player's journal, but when the quest is updated a number of problems may occur, such as failing to register the fight or not adding the other locations to the map. When Blood of Warning is active parallel to this quest, the gang may not spawn in the Dirty Back Alley.
Note: There is actually a workaround for this bug, but you'll need the Dragon Age toolset to do so. See the BioWare forum post.
  • This Mod in conjunction with this strategy may provide the same outcome without the need to download the aforementioned and/or install the toolset.
  • Another bug is that the Dirty Back Alley will not show up as a location on Denerim's map when you accept the Back Alley Justice quest.
  • The quest may not move to your "Completed Quests" log even after you have finished it.
  • One other bug that may occur is when the quest appears on the board still with the accept marker on it. Even if you've completed the areas it may not work and it will leave the mark on her head but she will not talk like you've completed just repeats a little chant.