For the story of Aveline, Knight of Orlais, see Codex Entry: Aveline, Knight of Orlais.
Protect what matters with everything you have, or you'll have nothing, and deserve it.

Aveline Vallen is a human warrior and Wesley's widow. She lived in Lothering until the darkspawn attacked and helps Hawke and Bethany in defeating and fleeing from them. Aveline will be one of Hawke's companions, and there seems to be some uneasiness between her and Bethany caused by the latter being a mage. She's not a possible romance.[1]


Aveline is a soldier, a master of sword and shield, and a tireless guardian... to a point. The daughter of an exiled chevalier, Aveline is not the knight her father wished her to be. Although fully trained in chivalrous combat, she was raised in the shadow of a lost life and will not lose another for the sake of honor. Protecting her adopted home of Kirkwall becomes a chosen duty, not a privileged calling. The people she stands for will not be wasted on lost causes or protecting the foolish from themselves. Pride can be bandaged like any other wound—when threats are dead and everyone is safely home. [2]


Hawke will first encounter Aveline during the escape from Lothering. Her husband Wesley, a Templar, is corrupted by the darkspawn during their escape, and Aveline ultimately journeys with Hawke to Kirkwall. Aveline will later become Deputy-Commander of the Kirkwall Guard [confirmation needed] .


  • "Protect what matters with everything you have. Or you’ll have nothing. And deserve it."


  • Lukas Kristjanson wrote Aveline for Dragon Age 2.
  • In Origins, Leliana tells the tale of the female warrior Aveline, Knight of Orlais who fought and was executed, during an arena match, after she was revealed to be a woman. Her courage and skill ensured her knighthood as the first woman ever to receive that honor.
  • According to Lukas Kristjanson, Aveline's writer, if Aveline were a food she'd would be "Steak. Rare. But with caramelized onions and baby corn nibbled from the side like a full cob when no one is looking." [3]



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