Autumn is a female mabari and companion to Olivia Pryde. She is between 7 and 8 years old.[1]

Background Edit

Olivia Pryde acquired Autumn while she was still a puppy. She tells different stories regarding Autumn’s origin depending on where she is. When in Ferelden, she claims that Autumn is descended from the mabari who fought by the side of the Warden, while she claims that she is a gift from the Hawke family while in the Free Marches. Autumn encountered Ser Aaron when he was Olivia’s lover. Olivia had her trained in tracking on Ser Aaron's recommendation.

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BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Dragon Age: Deception Edit

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Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Autumn accompanies Olivia to Ventus. When Olivia is confronted by a mage believing Calix's lies that Olivia had destroyed his reputation as a magister's son, Autumn's presence is enough to defuse the situation. Later on, when both Olivia and Calix are confronted by one of their angry marks, Autumn once again intervenes. However, when the mage remarks that magic kills mabari same as men, Autumn runs away, straight into Ser Aaron, whom she remembers from their previous encounter.

After Olivia and Calix successfully talk their way into the Ventus Vault, Autumn is used to deliver a ledger to two Antivan Crows, as agreed payment for providing a distraction. Autumn once again proves useful during the infiltration of the Qintara estate.

As Olivia volunteers to sacrifice herself to give Ser Aaron's group a chance to escape the Qunari, she shares one last hug with Autumn, and bids her stay with Calix and keep him safe.

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith Edit

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Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

In their mission to find Castellum Tenebris and the red-lyrium weapon, Tessa, Marius, Vaea, and Ser Aaron attack the Qunari pursuing Cedric Marquette, fleeing from Carastes with an artifact he was hired to recover by Magister Danarius. Calix does not participate in the fight, looking from the sidelines with Francesca Invidus and Autumn. When Vaea decides to follow Francesca to Fort Viridan, Ser Aaron tells her to bring Autumn with her, as she'll need her tracking skills to rejoin the group later. Calix objects, saying that Olivia's last wish was to have Autumn keep him safe, but relents when he sees that Autumn wants to follow Vaea.


Calix and Autumn's last goodbye

When Autumn and Vaea join Francesca in her search for her abducted father, Autumn's tracking skills are instrumental in finding the Blue Wraith. After convincing Fenris that they only came to talk, Vaea offers Autumn's tracking skills in finding Shirallas, the man Fenris is tracking and the one who took Francesca's father. When Fenris refuses, they use Autumn's skills to track him to Magister Nenealeus' estate instead.

When Fenris attacks the Qunari that have taken over Nenealeus' estate, Autumn participates in the fight. She then offers her tracking skills to Fenris, who gladly accepts, saying that he'll work with the mabari and that the others can join him if they wish. After Fenris, Vaea, Francesca, and Autumn rejoin Ser Aaron's group, Autumn helps once again when they're attacked by more Qunari. Though she initially follows Calix when he finds himself unsuited for battle and leaves the group, he realizes that she wants to go to Tenebris with the others, and gives her his blessing to go with them, telling her to find her purpose.

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