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Aurelian Titus is a magister of the Tevinter Imperium.

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Aurelian Titus was granted a seat in the Magisterium in 9:28 Dragon by Archon Davan, who had introduced him at a social event in Minrathous a month prior. This was a surprise to many, as Aurelian had no history, no family name and no lands to speak of: the only recorded Titus family was believed to have been eradicated during the Black Age. Many people wanted to attach themselves to the Archon's new friend, and within the span of a year Aurelian had accumulated a web of magister allies in exchange for the vague promise of currying favor with the Archon. An anonymous magister investigating Aurelian Titus believed that he had been helping Archon Davan in the shadows for years, and that he already had an army of fanatics at his disposal.

When Archon Davan was assassinated in 9:29 Dragon, many said that his death had come after a falling-out between him and Titus. Aurelian continued to rise in popularity, so much that revelations of his worship of the Old Gods caused little stir. Rumours began to spread that Titus would eventually return all of the Imperium to the worship of the Old Gods. This caused a struggle with the Imperial Chantry and the Black Divine, one which Titus appeared to be winning.[1]

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The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove Edit

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Dragon Age: The Silent Grove.

The spirit of Claudio Valisti reveals that it was Aurelian Titus who told him to capture Alistair. According to Yavana, he was also the one who took King Maric from her in pursuit for power that the scions of Calenhad bear in their blood. Alistair decides to find Aurelian and kill him.

Dragon Age: Those Who Speak Edit

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Dragon Age: Those Who Speak.

Alistair, Isabela and Varric attend a ball in Qarinus. According to Varric's friend, Maevaris Tilani, Aurelian is about to arrive. She tells that he has no lands and no family, only a reputation for power and for knowing things no one else does. When he enters the hall, Alistair introduces himself and demands that Aurelian tell him what happened to Maric. The magister and his minions, who apparently belong to a dragon cult, prepare to attack and when Titus tries to use blood magic on Alistair, the latter uses his templar skills to interrupt it. As soon as Aurelian realizes that Alistair is a templar, he orders his minions to seize Alistair and leaves. In the ensuing fight Alistair and his companions kill all Aurelian's men but one, who gives out the location of his master's home on Seheron.

Dragon Age: Until We Sleep Edit

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Dragon Age: Until We Sleep.

Varric, Alistair, Isabela and the Arishok, with the Qunari fleet, attack the fortress of Ath Velanis. Varric infiltrates the fortress solo, finding Maevaris Tilani (whom Aurelian Titus had kidnapped) while Alistair and Isabela confront Titus directly, along with two fellow cult mages. Titus uses a new kind of power on the pair and their Qunari allies: "dragonfire," which he states comes from the Theirin dragon blood inherited from Calenhad's drinking Great dragon blood centuries earlier. As he says, the power "could have been the Theirins' birthright. Instead it just kills."

Titus Summons

Aurelian Titus summoning demons in the Fade.

Varric discovers Titus' abduction of King Maric Theirin further in the fortress, as the latter has been connected for an uncertain amount of time to a mysterious magical vessel: the "Magrallen", which collects his blood and is augmenting Titus' magical power. Maevaris Tilani states that the magister's intent is to restore the greatness of Tevinter through Titus' and his cult's dreamer powers, which augmented with the Magrallen, would be able to mind control and brainwash all of Thedas. Before this can be accomplished, however, a horrified Varric attempts to shatter the vessel by shooting one of his bolts into it, causing it to crack, explode, and send Titus and the rest to the Fade.

Aurelian attacks Varric and Maevaris in Isabela's Fade Nightmare but Maevaris' magic allows them to escape. Aurelian was unconcerned, declaring that with mages sculpting dreams while in turn shape reality, they shall become like the Old Gods. Once reunited with Alistair and Maric, the party enter Aurelian's dream, his vision of a restored Tevinter: dragons incinerating any who rebels, slaves reminded of their place and the Chant of Light and the Qun purged from the minds of every thinking creature. Inside his fortress, Titus is ambushed by Alistair, Varric and Isabela. Aurelian attacks with the aid of demons he had summoned, however Maevaris opens a portal during the battle allowing Maric to confront his captor. Aurelian conjures the form of a Great dragon to incinerate Maric but it has no effect. Maevaris then conjured a binding circle, keeping Aurelian's demons from getting at them. Despite being cornered, Aurelian claimed that the greatness of ancient Tevinter will be restored, but Maric reminded with his blood empowering the Magrallen, he declares "You [Aurelian Titus]... are not the dreamer here....I am.". He is then decapitated by King Maric, causing him to die in reality.

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  • "Imagine it. Mages sculpting dreams. Dreams sculpting reality. The old gods. The dragon gods. We shall become them."
  • "The dreamers of old commanded the Fade. The Fade is magic. The Fade is reality itself."

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