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Aura is the wife of Kristoff, one of the Grey Wardens assigned to Ferelden in the wake of the order's re-establishment after the Fifth Blight.


According to the letters she sent to Kristoff, she, her sister, and her sister's child lived in Jader, an Orlesian Grey Warden base.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Once Shadows of the Blackmarsh has been completed, Aura will travel to Vigil's Keep in Ferelden, to visit her husband. Justice for Kristoff is triggered when she confronts her husband's corpse possessed by Justice. After the encounter she becomes angry and leaves. She can be found in the Chantry of our Lady Redeemer in Amaranthine, in the top left chamber. Justice must be in the active party for her to appear.

If Aura is consoled, she will agree to wait a while longer to bury her husband's remains in exchange for seeing the darkspawn responsible for his death destroyed.


Justice for Kristoff Justice for Kristoff

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