Ser Auguste is a former Chevalier and one of the current leaders of Freemen of the Dales' chapter in the Emerald Graves operating out of Argon's Lodge.

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Auguste was a Chevalier in the Orlesian Imperial Army; however, due to the ongoing War of the Lions, Auguste deserted his post and became one of the so-called Freemen of the Dales. He eventually climbed the Freemen ranks and became one the leaders of the Emerald Graves branch.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Auguste oversees all of the Freemen's operations in the Dales from Argon's Lodge. In order to stop the Freemen's advance in the region, the Inquisition begins tracking down all of Auguste's forward base of operations scattered about The Graves.

After taking down Sister Costeau, one of the Freemen leaders serving Auguste out of the Veridium Mine, the Inquisitor discovers Auguste's whereabouts from a map looted in the mine after the assault. When the Inquisitor finally catches up to Auguste at Argon's Lodge he proves no match for the Inquisitor and the accompanying party.

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