Athras is a Dalish elf found in the Dalish Camp along with the rest of his clan.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

He mentions that he wants to go in the forest, but Zathrian has forbidden his clan to venture in there. If the Warden is not of Dalish Elf Origin, he will be reluctant to share the reasons why he wants to go there, however with enough Coercion (two points are required) he will be convinced. Athras will mention that he and Danyla fought alongside each other during the initial werewolf attack. Danyla was wounded, and although Zathrian insists that she died of her injuries, Athras does not believe this explanation. Instead, he fears she may have become a werewolf, as Zathrian refused to let him see his wife's corpse. After the discussion is over, the Lost to the Curse quest will be activated.

Upon returning to the Dalish Camp and informing him of this news, the Warden receives Athras's Pendant as a token of his gratitude.

If the Warden ignores Danyla and chooses to side with the werewolves, Athras fled the clan and found Danyla. He begged for the curse so they can be together.

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