Athenril is a small-time and relatively ethical smuggler in Kirkwall offering work for Fereldan refugees.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age II.

Athenril first appears toward the end of the quest The Destruction of Lothering. Upon arrival in Kirkwall, Hawke is presented with two options for employment. One option is to sign on with Athenril and her smugglers, and the other option is to join Meeran and his mercenary company. If Hawke joins Athenril's group, Athenril tasks Hawke to get Cavril to pay up the share of profits he owes her. If successful, Athenril welcomes Hawke into her employment. Her smugglers benefit greatly from Hawke's combat skills and become the only rivals to the Coterie.

Joining Athenril will grant the player the Nefarious achievement. Athenril will occasionally send Hawke letters regarding potential sources of employment throughout Act 1.

Athenril is seen again in Act 1 where she offers the quest Loose Ends. It is hinted that at the conclusion of their promised year of servitude to the smugglers, Hawke quit working for Athenril rather abruptly, and the elf seems to regret having lost this particularly skilled worker.

During the course of Loose Ends, Hawke must decide whether to reclaim stolen goods for Athenril or give them to the teenaged messenger Pryce so he can care for his sisters. Should Hawke give him the goods and then inform Athenril of this act, Athenril and the smugglers will later attack Hawke and company at night in the Red Lantern District. If Hawke lies and says that the goods were already missing, there will be no retribution, but Athenril will withhold the payment she promised for the quest.

If Hawke crossed her in the Prologue by accepting Cavril's bribe and worked for the mercenaries instead, she will ambush the party at night in the Red Lantern District.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Athenril's unique armor

  • "We're not killers or slavers. Anything short of that, however, is fair game."
  • "I intend to take what you owe––––with interest." (If the player crossed her during The Destruction of Lothering)

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