Ataashi which means "glorious one(s)" in Qunlat, is a colossal High dragon.

Stats Edit

The Ataashi is a poison elemental high dragon.

Level 25
Cold Vulnerability
359189 HP (Nightmare)
78 Armor
Immunity: All Disabling Effects
Immunity: Poisoned
Immunity: Slowed
Spirit Vulnerability

Involvement Edit

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The Ataashi is captured by Viddasala and the Ben-Hassrath and confined within The Darvaarad. Viddasala uses the venom extracted from Ataashi to manufacture Gaatlok; the Qunari explosive powder at a greatly increased rate, to facilitate the Dragon's Breath conspiracy.

Eventually, the Inquisitor raids the Darvaarad and discovers Ataashi confined by the Qunari. The Inquisitor may kill the Ataashi to stop the Gaatlok supply or free the Ataashi, cutting off the supply and allowing the High Dragon to destroy many Qunari as it leaves.

HoDA Ataashi

Ataashi in Heroes of Dragon Age

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