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Asunder is a side quest that takes place in The Deep Roads, beneath the dwarven city of Orzammar.


In Asunder, you piece together the three parts of a fade beast. You then have the option to kill the beast or set it free for a reward.



You must find all three parts to start the quest.
The 3 parts are:

Ico Cross Caridin's Cross
Ico sack Torso in a Bag, source: Small Bloody Sack (Found in a room South-East)
Ico sack Head in a Bag, source: Small Bloody Sack (Found in a room North-East)
Ico Thaig Aeducan Thaig
Ico sack Bag of Limbs, source: Small Bloody Sack (Found at the first darkspawn clearing)


Once you have all three components, seek out the Altar of Sundering in the Ortan Thaig and place the body parts on the altar.


A Fade Beast with the appearance of a Pride Demon appears, and asks to leave in peace. If The Warden chooses to fight, he may be rewarded with a generic breastplate or possibly nothing. If the Warden allows it to leave, the demon will reward him with 25 DAO goldpiece trans50 DAO silverpiece trans, though others will ultimately suffer for the Warden's greed.


It is possible to kill the beast and also get the 25 gold(or more). Once you get all the body parts, by pressing multiple times (yourself or having each party member press) on the altar a glitch can occur sometimes, that allows the player to summon the Fade Beast multiple times. Thus allowing the player to choose to kill the beast and get the 25 gold, multiple times even. This can be done for all four of the party members if they are placed correctly, having the game paused and coordinated to click on the altar at the same time, giving a reward of a total of 75 gold (three players choose to accept the reward while the fourth chooses vengeance). This can be done on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions of the game. If you hold open the radial menu and then have each party member press it while the menu is still open. If you have ranger with you and summon a creature (wolf, bear, spider), you can get an extra 25 gold with the same strategy. By spam clicking on the altar, it is actually possible to spawn more than 1 per character. With little effort you can spawn over 10 fade beasts - each one paying the gold if you choose to free them.


  • Collecting the reward and freeing the Fade Beast will always complete the quest as if you had freed it, regardless of whether or not you had also chosen to fight it.
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