Not to be confused with Dragon Age: Asunder.

Asunder is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.


Finding all three body parts will start the quest. In order to be allowed to enter the Deep Roads, the quest line A Paragon of Her Kind must be sufficiently advanced.

Ico Cross Caridin's Cross

Ico sack Torso in a Bag, in the Small Bloody Sack (found in a south-east room)
Ico sack Head in a Bag, in the Small Bloody Sack (found in a north-east room, in the cave with the deepstalkers)

Ico Thaig Aeducan Thaig

Ico sack Bag of Limbs, in the Small Bloody Sack (Found at the first darkspawn clearing)

Once you have all three components, seek out the Altar of Sundering in Ortan Thaig and place the body parts on the altar.

The Fade beast, a Pride Demon, appears and asks to leave in peace.

  • If the Warden chooses to fight, the creature is worth 235 XP and will drop a generic breastplate or possibly nothing.
  • If the Warden allows it to leave, the demon will reward them with 25DAO goldpiece trans 50DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans, and the quest log entry will mention that others are possibly hurt from the Warden's greed.


Map Location (Torso) Screenshot (Torso)
DAO Asunder Walkthrough 1
DAO Asunder Walkthrough 2
Map Location (Head) Screenshot (Head)
DAO Asunder Walkthrough 3
DAO Asunder Walkthrough 4
Map Location (Limbs) Screenshot (Limbs)
DAO Asunder Walkthrough 5
DAO Asunder Walkthrough 6


  • Although the quest log entry states that others may be hurt by releasing the demon, accepting the reward appears to have no negative consequences in any of the games other than from a roleplay perspective. The rewards for fighting it are negligible, around 100XP and possibly a generic breastplate or even nothing.


  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360It is possible to kill the beast and also get the 25DAO goldpiece trans or more. Once you gather all the body parts, you can arrange all party members around the altar, pause the game, and then activate the altar (by individually commanding each party member to press on the altar before un-pausing). This allows you to summon the beast more than once. Up to 100 DAO goldpiece trans can be earned this way, with four party members choosing the reward. If you have one or more rangers or mages in the party, their pets or undead can also be used to gain additional rewards. With the 1.04 patch, even if you summon the demon multiple times, it will only be displayed that the Warden received 25 DAO goldpiece trans despite actually gaining 75 DAO goldpiece trans. (Exploit verified on 1.05 patch)
    Note: Each party member must be standing right next to the altar for this to work. If you see any party member move toward the altar after releasing them, only one will get there first and just that one party member will get to take the action.
    • ps3Icon ps3Make sure your controller setting is correct Start>Options>Game>Radial Menu>Hold Open. Take your party off the default free move and use hold L2>Advanced>Hold Position. Now place all 4 party members around the altar. Now press L2 and do not let go. While L2 is depressed target the altar and then press X. Make sure you do not stop pressing L2. Now cycle to the next party member (L1/R1), press x. Continue holding down L2 and do this for the remaining party members. Once all 4 have done this you may finally release L2. This triggers the event to start. You will be asked the same question of reward or vengeance 4 times. Answer reward every time. After the cut scene is done it will shows as receiving 25 DAO goldpiece trans on the screen for items acquired but if you open your inventory you will see you did indeed collect 25 DAO goldpiece trans once per party member. Restore your party back to move freely L2>Advanced>Move Freely or you will run off without them.
    • xbox360Icon xbox360Move the characters around the altar hold open the command menu (L Trigger) select the altar and press A. Don't release the trigger, instead cycle to the next character with a shoulder button and repeat. After all four have selected the altar, release the left trigger. This will not work if the command menu option is set to toggle; change options in the game if needed.
      Note: Sometimes this occurs the other way round, and toggle must be on otherwise the radial menu will close with each click, therefore disallowing multiple clicks, even if LT is held.


  • The quest completion journal text indicated that you chose to free the Fade Beast, irrespective of whether or not you actually decided to fight and kill it. This has been fixed in version 1.03.

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