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Astrariums on the Coast is an astrarium collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Astarium icon.png

Find and complete all Astrarium pedestals on the Coast.


Interact with any of the astrariums in Storm Coast.


Reach and solve the 3 astrariums on the Storm Coast:

Servani in Great Cove
Fervenial in Morrin's Outlook
Bellitanus in Apostate's Landing

When all 3 astrariums in the Storm Coast are completed, the location of a cave will be revealed. The cave entrance is located just south west of the Bellitanus astrarium in Apostate's Landing. In the exact center eye of purple area of uncertainty.

Enter the cave and climb down the ladder to reach a room with lyrium veins and two chests. There is also a chest with random loot outside of the room, closer to the ladder. Multiple Spiders and deepstalkers will spawn in the cave.


Solving each astrarium puzzle yields:

  • 150 Influence
  • Codex Entry

Notable items[]

Astrarium chest

The astrarium cave always contains:

Bane of Red Crossing Bane of Red Crossing
Dreamweaver Staff Dreamweaver Staff
Free Marcher Banner Crown Free Marcher Banner Crown
Prismatic Greataxe Prismatic Greataxe - Trespasser required

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Constellation: Bellitanus Codex entry: Constellation: Bellitanus
Codex entry: Constellation: Fervenial Codex entry: Constellation: Fervenial
Codex entry: Constellation: Servani Codex entry: Constellation: Servani