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Assuage Ameridan's Heirs is a war table operation from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Available after speaking to Professor Kenric following the completion of Ameridan's End and the dialogue option stating that Ameridan was an elf was selected. If the other dialogue option is selected: Ameridan was a noble, the alternate operation Celebrate With Ameridan's Heirs is unlocked.

Operation text[]

In light of new evidence regarding Inquisitor Ameridan's heritage, the d'Ameride family of Orlais has complained of harassment by the Dalish clan Ghilain, who insist that the d'Amerides have profited for centuries by claiming descent from Inquisitor Ameridan. Clan Ghilain has historically made the same claim, but authorities ignored them. The Dalish would like reparations, while the d'Amerides would like this embarrassing matter to disappear.

Adviser suggestions[]

Josephine - 0:25:30[]

If we bought the silence of clan Ghilain with a few mementos of their Inquisitor, the d'Amerides would be most grateful.

Leliana - 0:16:30[]

We could use Dalish scouts. Bring clan Ghilain into the Inquisition; make the d'Amerides pay for our relative silence.

Cullen - 0:22:30[]

The d'Amerides have spent years profiting from a name they claimed falsely. The Dalish deserve honest reparations.



Clan Ghilain asked for a great deal more, but they are placated for the time being. The d'Amerides are exceedingly grateful, and have made their loyalty to the Inquisition known to anyone who will listen.



Clan Ghilain has been happy to work with the Inquisition, sending scouts to assist us in honor of their ancient ancestor. The d'Amerides, meanwhile, are overjoyed to pay for the Inqusition's relative silence in the matter.


Clan Ghilain offers its thanks to the Inquisition. We have long argued that Ameridan was one of our people, to the derision of the lords of Orlais. The reparations received from the d'Amerides will provide for our families in the coming winter. We honor the Inquisition for its commitment to the truth.

Keeper Levinia Ghilain


All advisors