The Assault on Griffon Wing Keep is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Venatori have occupied an isolated keep in the Western Approach, a key outpost on the treacherous trip to Adamant. It would be of great benefit to the Inquisition to capture it and drive the Venatori from the area.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is acquired when asking Frederic to "tell [me] of this place."

Walkthrough Edit

The Griffon Wing Keep is located northwest of the Craggy Ridge Camp, on the edge of the Abyssal Ledge, surrounded by the Dust Plains.

After defeating smaller groups of Venatori that guard the keep's vicinity, the Inquisitor's party can decide to either "knock" at the keep gate (and obtain Sad Splinters after its destruction) on the north side, which is guarded by several Venatori zealots and marksmen and a gladiator, or to take a secret route through the old well from a cave at the southern side of the keep.

Note: Unless the keep isn't claimed in the end by planting the Inquisition's flag on the upper level's pole, the gate can be smashed at any point later for some XP and the splinters. However, this can only be done from the outside, and the well doesn't serve as a way back; the only option to leave the keep during this quest is to jump off a balcony, which may lead to fall damage. Two of these balconies can be found to the sides of the gate, reachable by stairs inside the keep.

Visiting that cave is a good idea, anyhow. Its entrance, marked on the map as Outpost Well, is protected by a spirit-based barrier; after breaking through, several Serpentstone deposits can be found, along with a mosaic piece for the Archdemon and The Old Well landmark.

Whatever way is used to enter the keep, bashing the gate or taking the well's bucket, the Inquisitor and their companions find themselves inside the courtyard, where some guards retreat to an upper level. Up the stairs, more Venatori await the Inquisitor, with marksmen and a spellbinder attacking from the surrounding battlements.

Note: Though several ladders make it possible to climb the battlements, and gangplanks and footbridges connect them all, using these might confuse party members, resulting in them not finding the correct path to the Inquisitor, running through the area and climbing the ladders down and up; so it's best to fight the battle from the ground, luring ranged enemies down from their positions or attacking them with ranged weapons as well.

Once this tier is cleared, a gate to the keep's top level opens and the Venatori's leader, Macrinus – whose voice could be heard all the way through the keep, invoking some fire ritual – challenges the Inquisitor, swearing oaths of service to his master and the cause. He waits at the top of a long staircase, with infantry support in the background.

Macrinus is an elite ranked opponent, with the usual Venatori spellbinder abilities and fire resistance. He will not leave his position – which will his backup do neither – if he is attacked from the stairs below. There are two zealots, two marksmen and in addition a stalker to help him defend the keep's flagpole.

After defeating these last Venatori, Griffon Wing Keep is ready to be claimed by the Inquisition. Raising its flag will turn the keep into a fully functionable Inquisition base, including all crafting workbenches, a requisition table, a sleeping tent and the option to change the party. The Inquisitor is greeted by Knight-Captain Rylen, the new commander of the keep, and informed about the area's troubles.

Rewards Edit

  • 1,934 XP
  • 1,600 Influence
  • 5 Power

Results Edit

Completing the quest unlocks the following war table operations:

Quest icon DAI All That Glitters
Quest icon DAI Gather Metals
Quest icon DAI Improving Morale
Quest icon DAI Secure a Source of Water for Outpost

Notable items Edit

DAI sack Sad Splinters – Loot after destroying the keep gate.
Cowl of the Overseer icon Cowl of the Overseer – Looted from Macrinus.
Unique amulet icon Kitty's Collar – Looted from Macrinus (requires patch 10).
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