Assassinate is a rogue talent from the Assassin specialization in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

Upgrades Edit

Rogue assassinate Annihilate
Requires: Level 14
Requires: 3 points in Assassin
Assassinate now inflicts a critical hit against enemies who would otherwise be immune. It is even more devastating against BRITTLE targets.

Physical damage: 200% vs. BRITTLEBrittle targets
Cooldown: -10s (total: 40s)
Rogue assassinate Overkill
Requires: Level 16
Requires: 4 points in Assassin
Assassinate becomes tremendously powerful, instantly fatal to all but the toughest enemies.

Physical damage:
* Dual wield: +3.7x (total: 11x)
* Archery: +2.3x (total: 6.8x)

Notes Edit

  • This talent is very similar to the Drop Dead ability found in Tallis's unique Infiltrator specialization.
  • The damage multipliers generated by the fully upgraded Assassinate on a Brittle enemy allow for five-figure damage values. Unfortunately, patch 1.03 hard caps the amount of damage a single hit can deal to an Elite-ranked enemy at 40% of their max health, Boss-ranked enemies at 20%. Thus, much of this additional damage is wasted unless used with a dual-wielder, with each blade striking on its own for two separate hits.
  • The ability by itself instantly kills Critter and Normal ranks even with empty weapon slots (i.e., using "default" weapons) and regardless of how much damage is actually inflicted. This makes it very useful for eliminating Normal-ranked enemies who tend to fight in large numbers while retaining enough health to be annoying, like archers and weapon-and-shield wielders. It can also be used to instantly detonate Walking Bomb, but this is best done with a bow rather than daggers, as the latter leaves Hawke unable to escape the explosion.
  • The dual weapon animation for this attack is the same as Twin Fangs, while the archery animation is slightly faster; Hawke does a quick backflip (a la someone using Leaping Shot in Dragon Age: Inquisition) and fires a single arrow, able to transition to a different target upon landing.
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