Assassin Weapon is a crafting material in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Looted from Highwaymen Prowlers in Crestwood, Carta Assassins in Valammar, and White Claw Footpads in the Western Approach.
  • The Flats: Head towards the Astrarium by Old Crestwood from Crestwood Village. The target is a male dwarf, “Bombats”, and he is accompanied by another dwarf warrior.
  • Black Fens: North West from the dragon, by the quarry if you have discovered it. A human male, “Fat Masters”, is the target.
  • East Hills: By the docks North West of Crestwood Village is a small lake that has a dock and a fishermans hut. A Human Female, “Lady Sear”, will be just outside with a pack of archers. Another thing to note is that druffalo wander close by to the group, if provoked, they could join in the fight and make it even more difficult.

Uses Edit

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