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For the specialization in other games, see Assassin (Dragon Age II) and Assassin (Inquisition).

Assassin is a specialization available to rogues in Dragon Age: Origins which focuses on backstabbing and critical hits.


Mark of Death Mark of Death
Range: Short
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 60s
The assassin marks a target, revealing weaknesses that others can exploit. All attacks against a marked target deal additional damage.
Exploit Weakness Exploit Weakness
Requires: Level 12
A keen eye and a killer instinct help the assassin exploit a target's weak points. During a successful backstab attack, the assassin gains additional damage based on cunning.
Lacerate Lacerate
Requires: Level 14
Whenever a backstab deals enough damage, the assassin's foe is riddled with bleeding wounds that inflict additional damage for a short time.
Feast of the Fallen Feast of the Fallen
Requires: Level 16
The assassin thrives on the moment of death. Stamina is partially restored whenever the assassin fells an opponent with a backstab.



The following will allow for the Warden to obtain the specialization without having to purchase the manual:

  • Save just prior to purchasing the specialization manual
  • Proceed to purchase the manual
  • Once the specialization has been unlocked reload to the save
Note: This exploit works for all specialization manuals.

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