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Ashkaari Koslun is a kossith philosopher and the founder of the Qun − one of the major schools of thought in Thedas.

His teachings have inspired the conversions of thousands in becoming Qunari, the "People of the Qun".

Background Edit

The Tome of Koslun was handwritten by the Ashkaari and is the most revered item to the Qunari. It was lost during Qunari Wars and held by Orlais until 9:31 Dragon, when it was stolen by a pirate. The contemporary Arishok led a pursuit to Kirkwall, and depending on player choice may have left with the Tome to return it to his homeland.

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Trivia Edit

  • An ashkaari in the Qunari language means "One who seeks," such as scholars, scientists or individuals who have attained enlightenment.
  • Sten will refer to the Warden as an "Ashkaari" upon the completion of his personal quest in Dragon Age: Origins.
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