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An ash wraith, sometimes referred as dust wraith, is a powerful version of a shade.


Shades are spirits that have entered the physical world but do not possess a physical body. The spirit has formed a quasi-material body for itself out of ashes (usually the ashes of burnt corpses but not necessarily). This allows it to interact with and affect the physical world, but the ash wraith is not dependent on the ashes to survive. If wounded, it can disperse at will and reform later. Such wraiths occasionally use other materials to form their physical bodies such as bones, mold, and even blood.

Abilities & Skills[]

Elemental resistance: Fire
Note: Including fire damage from staves; Shale's attack fire crystals, Fire Bomb, Flame Coating, and a weapon's extra elemental damage from Fire Arrows, Fire Bolts, and Flame runess.
Immunity: Charm
Immunity: Blood Control
Immunity: Fear
Immunity: Horror
Immunity: Grease
Immunity: Sleep
Immunity: Knockdown
Immunity: Stun


Ash wraiths utilize different skills, similar to party members' Combat Tactics conditions:

  • Flame Blast
    • Target at short range ~25% chance.
  • Leap
    • Any ~25% chance.
  • Slam
    • Any ~25% chance.
  • Whirlwind
    • Surrounded by at least 2 enemies ~20% chance.
    • Surrounded by at least 3 enemies ~20% chance.
    • Surrounded by at least 4 enemies ~20% chance.

Watch out for rear or flank attacks, as these creatures can materialize behind or on your side. High spirit resistance will reduce the damage taken from the wraith's main attacks.

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Ash Wraith Codex entry: Ash Wraith
Codex entry: The Holy Brazier Codex entry: The Holy Brazier


  • There is a bug where ash wraiths can be added to the party (permanently). During the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest, select only one player. At the bridge puzzle during The Gauntlet, two friendly ash wraiths are added to the party to assist. Immediately walk back out and select a different party. From now on, the ash wraiths will be available as players. However, they will not show up as followers on the in-game HUD, they will not be controllable, they will not follow the player, and as soon as the player leaves the area they will de-spawn and the player will be considered as having no other party members.