Asala is greatsword in Dragon Age: Origins.


Asala is a sword owned by Sten and was lost near Lake Calenhad when his party was attacked by darkspawn. The sword is obtainable by completing the quest The Sword of the Beresaad.



Start screen showing Yusaris and Asala

  • Asala means "soul" in the Qunari language.
  • Asala, with Yusaris, are featured as the two swords standing point down in the Start Game menu screen. Yusaris being the leftmost sword and Asala being the other sword.
  • When Sten and Dog are talking together, Sten said that Asala was made out of Blue Steel. This is probably why the material of Asala in game is Steel.


  • When discussing the loss of Sten's sword with him, Sten says that the blade was forged specifically for his hand alone. However, the description of the sword says that it was recovered from the invasion of Thedas and granted to him upon receiving his mission.
  • Asala can be sold for some quick money after the quest is finished, if you already have a better weapon.
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