Arvin was an elven enchanter in the White Spire whom Rhys was apprenticed to.[1]

Background Edit

Arvin was transferred from the White Spire to a position in the Orlesian consulate in Teraevyn, in the Tevinter Imperium. He invited Rhys to come along with him, and see more of the world beyond the Circle. Several years after Rhys returned in the White Spire, Arvin sponsored his old apprentice so that he could attain the rank of senior enchanter in 9:33 Dragon.[2]

Arvin's position was highly unusual. Circle mages were rarely sent to the Tevinter Imperium as consulates. Elves were even less likely, and at the time of his tenure there, Arvin's being such was considered a controversial choice made by Empress Celene Valmont I as a veiled provocation to the mages of Tevinter.[3] Indeed, to many of the nations of Thedas, but especially to Tevinter (and Orlais, for that matter), sending an elf as an emissary in any fashion would be considered an insult.[4]

Not long after returning to the White Spire, Rhys learned that his former master died, amid rumors he was poisoned because he was acting as a spy in the consulate.[1]

References Edit

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