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The Artisan caste is the caste of dwarven society responsible for finishing and embellishing crafted items. They are closely aligned with the smith caste.

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In the legend of the Seven Brothers who created the caste system, Shotkyar founded the Artisan caste.[1]

The smiths are responsible for providing the various goods required by the other castes and as such work in tandem with the Artisan caste for many of their products. Artisans ornament these goods or produce items purely for their own sake--as such, they are the artists of dwarven society.

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Artisans are not viewed with the same esteem as the smiths, but they take this dismissal in stride. As such, in professions where the roles of smiths and artisans are joined typically view their members as smiths, though this can vary from profession to profession. The finest artisans work closely with smiths, who often lack the precision and finesse to properly ornament and finish a piece. An artisan might be called in to engrave a weapon, for example.[2]

Leather and cloth goods are typically created entirely by artisans, though those intended for nobles often incorporate chain mail created by smiths.[2]

A noble house might sponsor a particularly skilled artisan to promote their talent and bring greater honor to the noble house.[3]

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Artisan houses are listed in an alphabetical order and those whose status is unknown have their name italicized.

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  • The clay of the underground river Aedros Atuna is used by dwarven artisans for crafting.[6]

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