Arrowwood is a unique bow from the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Trespasser Edit

Notes Edit

  • The Veilfire puzzle is part of the 'Lateral Thinker' achievement.
  • Arrowwood is unique in the sense that it does not require the player to have a minimum level to yield.

Veilfire puzzle Edit

  • Head towards the statue of Fen'Harel located inside the 'Forgotten Sanctuary'. Run past the statue towards the outdoor balcony and pick up a veilfire torch. Come back inside and head towards the mural that the statue of Dread Wolf is facing. Light the second from the left veilfire brazier on the mural that the statue is gazing upon. Head back to the statue and press the button located between the paws. A loot box will appear as the statue is repositioning itself, loot the box to claim Arrowwood.

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