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Arrow of Slaying is a rogue and warrior talent from the Pinning Shot tree in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • The archer attacks with an attack bonus of 5. If it connects, 2x normal critical hit damage is dealt. The damage is also maximized (highest roll on the weapon's damage range).
  • A Damage Bonus is added to the critical damage if the attacker has a higher level than the defender. Damage Bonus is calculated as (Random number between 25 and 50) * BonusMultiplier, where BonusMultiplier is:
Level Difference BonusMultiplier
1 3
2 0
3 1
4 6
5 7
6 4
7 5
8 10
  • This damage bonus is reduced to 10% against player characters and Boss creatures, while Elite Boss creatures are immune.
  • The archer is exhausted after firing this shot, and suffers reduced stamina regeneration of -1.0 for 10 seconds. Master Archer grants an extra +15 attack when firing Arrow of Slaying.
  • Range: 60m.
  • Conjuration time: 3s.
  • 100 additional Threat is drawn.


  • Activation base is in Stamina and values vary with fatigue%.


  • The script for this ability calculates the Bonus Multiplier like this: BonusMultiplier = LevelDifference ^ 2. This is not LevelDifference squared, the '^' operator used in the script is in fact bitwise XOR. Unofficial fix for PC available here.


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